Being visible is not enough

Like an endless scattering of stars in the galaxy, INSEADERS are dispersed far and wide around the world. In our individual spheres of influence, we are each doing remarkable things: some of us are leading a nation (Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of Switzerland), some of us are turning the sex toy industry on its head (Anne-Charlotte Desruelle, Founder of Soft Paris), and yet others are shaking things up in every conceivable industry you can imagine.

After we leave INSEAD and catapult to our wildest dreams, we will always be held together by the gravitational force of our INSEAD identity. Powering this field of energy is INSEADERS, the Global Venture Booster for INSEAD to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

These four maps represent the true potential of INSEADERS.

First, we need to be present. We are present simply by being an INSEADER. This is the principal context for being part of our vast global network.

However, presence is never enough.

We need to be active. This means we are visible to the network: we tell the network who we are, what we are doing, and what resources we have in our hands to influence the world.

However, visibility is never enough.

The full force of our massive potential is activated when we are pro-active. This power is fuelled when we actively engage with other INSEADERS to exchange ideas, capital and opportunities to amplify our impact in our respective spheres of influence.

The final picture, however, is not a mere network.

(This is not any network.)

INSEADERS is a global entrepreneurial community with a relentless life of its own that harnesses the full power of our incredible strengths – however zany and unique – to shake up business as usual.

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