Ulli Silaba

Ulli Silaba

INSEADER / dot connector

Singapore, SG, Singapore


If your startup is your baby, I’m your paediatrician. Diagnosing, curing, preventing. Helping to survive, to grow, to become successful, proud, and happy. … Why does it matter? … The main four things an organisation should avoid are: [1] Customer & Marketing Failure (so you better get your “4P” right as the basic survival requirement), [2] Financial Management Failure (Do you have someone who can do the math?), [3] System & Structural Failure (Have you set up everything to be able to deliver?), [4] Team & Leadership Failure (Do you have what it needs for successful collaboration?) … So, what can I do for you? … I can support you handling the last three issues, either right from the start when you first gather what might become the core team of your organisation, or when you realise your team is somehow stuck in accomplishing the objectives. As a mentor, advisor, consultant, coach. … Why should you ask me? … I have some experience in [A] Building & implementing business processes including applications & databases, [B] Driving change in organisations of any size, [C] Integrating the interests of globally dispersed stakeholders, [D] Transitioning a tech start-up with a USD 1 bn funding from project phase to running company. … What do you do next? … Call the doctor! Drop me a message and have a chat with me … [ulli.silaba@insead.edu]


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