Greetings, INSEADERS!

Wow, we have come a long way, and fast! A BIG thank you to EACH of you for coming on board with such magnificent support!
Together, in just 10 weeks, we have made huge leaps, and you will always be counted among the first 1,000 pioneers galvanising our entrepreneurial strength around the world.
Here is a recap of key milestones:
March 15
Approved for a spot at Blk71 in Singapore with support from A*STAR and JTC
April 18
Doors open in Singapore
May 9
Endorsed by the INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship
May 15
INSEADERS website released (beta)
May 23
INSEADERS Official Launch
June 30
Your profile page is ready on
July 8
Doors open in Fontainebleau
July 18
Instant messaging ready on
July 20
Over 5 INSEAD ventures make their home at INSEADERS
Aug 10
MOU initiated with ETPL (A*STAR)
Aug 22
Presentation to INSEAD Leadership Team

As you can see, we are moving fast— with lots more coming up!
• INSEADERS App: to bring visibility and power to all our ventures
• INSEADERS Booster in Abu Dhabi (Q1 2017) and USA (Q4 2017)
• Thirsty Tuesday: Weekly gathering at 6:00pm at INSEADERS @Blk71

Wondering how you can get involved? Many ways:

Be Visible [Active Mode]
• Fill out your profile and company page on
Be Resourceful [Pro-Active Mode]
• Delve into & strike meaningful exchanges
Be Generous [Shopping Mode!]
• One vital thing we have as INSEADERS is our lifelong loyalty toward one another. We need funds to support Venture 4.0 and our INSEAD startups through a membership structure. Watch out for an email coming to you soon!

Meanwhile, our doors are open; drop by and explore! You can also stay tuned with us on social media: we are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @INSEADERS.
By the way— JUST in case you stumble upon any kinks on the website, please shoot us an email: we will iron it out! Bear in mind that the MVP is still in beta stage, and we are grateful to have you on this journey while building it up by INSEADERS for INSEADERS.
Onwards and upwards!
Rani and Micheal

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