Ramya Ragupathi

Ramya Ragupathi

INSEADER / kooky monster

Singapore, SG, Singapore


A seasoned marketing communications and brand strategy professional with more than 10 years of experience enabling business growth in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Having started my career as a consultant before moving in-house to global logistics giant DHL, I am well-versed in the needs and challenges of both the supply and demand sides of marketing communications and brand management. My expertise extends beyond strategy development to include programme management, stakeholder engagement and business development. My experience helping entrepreneurial classmates with business pitches and brand development while at INSEAD led me to set up my own marketing, communications and branding consultancy in January 2015, aimed specifically at enabling startups to get through their early stages of development. Driven by my passion for and interest in social responsibility and social entrepreneurship, I advised social enterprises based in London, Singapore, Frankfurt and Tirana, Albania and continue to do so on a pro bono, ad hoc basis. I am also a yoga teacher-in-training run an e-commerce business selling the only gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free food (all three-in-one, yes!) in Singapore.


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