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Our Advisers

Our advisers come from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and specialties.  They help entrepreneurs in fund raising, business evaluation, team building, contracts, term sheets and many other things. Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to setup weekly meetings with these advisers and discuss progress and roadblocks.

If you share our vision of “Return to INSEAD Community”, and are willing to support our entrepreneurs with your local and professional expertise, please join us as an adviser.

Mentor Function Geographical Expertise Qualification
Azmul Haque Legal Services, Law Tech London, Mumbai, Singapore International business lawyer qualified and admitted to practice in 3 jurisdictions (England, India and Singapore). Developed particular expertise in complex, cross-border legal matters, including Corporate Transactions, Commercial Contracts and Regulatory Matters in a range of areas affecting the conduct of business. Azmul has sector experience working with clients in industries such as FinTech, Internet & e-Commerce, AdTech, Big Data, IOT, BlockChain, as well as traditional industries such as Hotels & Leisure, Media & Entertainment, Pharma & Healthcare, Real Estate, and Telecommunications.
Arindam Chatterjee Financial Services, Consulting, PE, Startups Singapore,India A strategic influencer with subject matter expertise in the areas of financial services and technology. Over a distinguished career in the financial services industry that has spanned more than 20 years, Arindam has engaged with leading financial and consulting institutions such as ANZ Bank, OCBC Bank, Reuters, DCI Consulting (now PwC), etc. He has successfully led various programmes in expert matter domains within Global Markets, Risk & Compliance, Corporate & Product Strategies, at several large organisations around the globe.
David Eberle Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing Switzerland I help businesses develop powerful digital strategies. I co-founded a digital agency where I’ve crafted and executed dozens of online and social marketing campaigns. Most recently, I’ve been advising large corporations on their transformational journey. I can help your start-up with digital strategy and with energizing online marketing
Csaba Horvath Islamic fintech & insurtech, IoT, 3Dtech / supply chain tech Hungary, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai Started early-stage firms in 4 different industries, and possesses the luxury of hands-on experience of a complete flop, pivots and successful growth. He is now happy to support INSEADERS’ projects, building successful ventures based on his expertise in finding the right business model, establishing initial traction and raise seed investment for products across various verticals.
Ullrich Silaba Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Strategy, Intercultural skills Singapore
Giammarco Tosi Startup Investments, Business Development, Strategy Italy Since 2010 I’ve personally invested in various ventures, mostly founded by INSEADers. In 2014 I’ve decided to leverage all these experiences and my personal and professional network to incorporate a holding which acts a small fund and invests in MBAs, as usually mostly INSEADers, offering not only seed but also direct concrete contributions through sweat equity agreements. Happy to provide advices about: 1. how to build an angel network from scratch 2. how to create value for founders and angels 3. how to negotiate angels’ contribution
Warren Lee Fintech, Strategy, Finance, Government Singapore, USA I’m currently a Fintech Strategist with DBS Bank, where i look after the bank’s accelerator program and API partnerships. Prior to that I was a strategy consultant, and also worked in venture capital in Silicon Valley and Singapore. I started off my career at SPRING Singapore,where i was involved in planning national venture capital and grant strategies under the $19B Research, Innovation, and Enterprise framework.
Balazs Fology Gamification, Sales, Business Development Singapore, Hungary I am the Managing Partner of Ember Associates, a former banker whose expertise lies in sales and decision making. I have vast experience in financial solution selling with a diverse clientele across various industries in Europe and Asia. As a Business Manager, I formulated sales strategies and developed educational campaigns for the banks’ client facing staff. I am also an independent trader and investor, developing my own trading strategies and technical indicators taking advantage of predictable decision-making patterns in financial markets.
Ramya Ragupathi  Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Branding Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East Ramya is a seasoned marketing communications and brand strategy professional with more than 10 years of experience enabling business growth. Having started her career as a consultant before moving in-house to global logistics giant DHL, Ramya is well-versed in the needs and challenges of both the supply and demand sides of marketing communications and brand management. Her experience helping entrepreneurial classmates with business pitches and brand development while at INSEAD led Ramya to set up her own marketing, communications and branding consultancy, aimed specifically at enabling startups to get through their early stages of development.
 Online media, technology, Internet Southeast Asia Patrick is an entrepreneurial leader with over 20 years experience across Asia and North America with a focus on bringing innovation to market. He has delivered significant growth in operational roles through conceiving and developing products, defining go-to-market strategy and executing market entry and has also created significant value through negotiating and completing multiple international partnerships, commercial agreements and joint ventures as well as several investments in early and later stage companies. Success has come from building and leading teams across business and product development, marketing and in a GM capacity  
Technology hardware, software and services Middle East, APAC, North America For last 15 years my career has spanned across technology hardware, software, services and management consulting with companies such as SAP, Hitachi, NTT, Dell, HP etc. I’ve also managed business operations for three North American startups (2 from silicon valley) that got acquired. I’ve managed relationships with several Fortune 500 customers.  
Product Strategy, Business Development, Partnerships, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain APAC, North America I currently work in Facebook’s GMS Partnerships organization. As the partner development manager covering APAC, I am responsible for growing the Marketing API ecosystem and advancing industry disruptors in the areas of ad tech, creative assets, and audience insights. Previously, I was a senior manager at Samsung Electronics headquarters, holding product strategy and new business development mandate beyond smartphones. Prior to Samsung, I held supply chain responsibilities at Apple, managing iPhone demand planning for APAC. I began my career in Canada with a leading mobile operator, TELUS, and held multiple positions spanning across mobile infrastructure technologies.
I hold an MBA from INSEAD and an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. I also hold a Competent Communicator designation from Toastmasters International.  
Financial Services, Consulting, PE, Business Plan, Fundraising and Investments Europe, Singapore With more than 10 years’ experience in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Consulting I am now working as a principal at Metric Capital Partners, an investment fund focused on providing growth capital to entrepreneurs across Europe.
As an investor, I seek to support companies’ ambitions to execute strategic transactions. In addition to providing capital solutions, I aim to be value-add partners to our portfolio companies, supporting them in developing and executing growth strategy, fundraising capital and managing operational improvement and turnaround.