Learning Decision Strategy from Poker

he UPenn / Wharton and Columbia alumni clubs are presenting an interesting and fun way to learn better decision-making.

We learned during our economics courses that people are rational. That we all make rational decisions. However, reality tells us otherwise. We are predictably irrational. Our experiences and biases consistently fool us. By understanding how our mind works, we will learn not only how to make better decisions, but have the power to predict, influence and facilitate that of others.

And where else do we apply these skills than during a game of poker? Poker is just like business: we have to make a lot of quick decisions under pressure, in a competitive environment, without sufficient information, while managing scarce resources. And we have to adapt our strategy to a constantly changing world.

We’re going to enter this world on the afternoon of Saturday, 18 March 2PM – 6:30PM

Don’t worry if you haven’t played poker before. You will learn it during the session.

Cost is $25 – snacks and drinks to be provided

Spaces are limited – so sign up now! http://peatix.com/event/240377

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