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For Investors

Thank you  for your interest in INSEADERS. To invest in INSEAD Alumni entrepreneurs, please fill the following form. After our review, qualified investors will be given access to our entrepreneurs’ presentation pitches and presentation videos.

Your detailed inputs are very important for us, so that we can connect you with the most relevant entrepreneurs from INSEAD community. For questions, please contact Moogwi Kim at 


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INSEADERS Investor Agreement form

1. Confidentiality

The Investor undertakes and agrees that he/she shall not disclose to a third party any designs, ideas, business or other information or affairs relating to INSEADERS or any Member that it may have received pursuant to this Agreement, whether or not such information is designated as confidential and howsoever recorded or conveyed to the Investor (“Confidential Information”) without INSEADERS’ prior express consent in writing.
Further, the Investor agrees to discuss the personal and business affairs of the entrepreneurs registered in INSEADERS (“Entrepreneur(s)”) only with those people within INSEADERS who have a need to know the information in order to assist the Investor in its deliberations.
The Investor understands that all discussions with INSEADERS and the Entrepreneur(s) shall remain strictly confidential, and that any technical, marketing and business information received will be kept confidential, and records should be kept to this effect.
The Investor shall return or destroy all Confidential Information received or in his/her possession upon INSEADERS’ request. The Investor further agrees to take due care to safeguard all Confidential Information and such other information or material received under or pursuant to the INSEADERS’ Investor Program. This Clause shall survive the termination of this Agreementfor a period of two years.

2. Conflict of Interest

The Investor shall immediately report any real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest, personal interest, or competitive position of Investors or others involved with INSEADERS to INSEADERS in writing as soon as the Investor becomes reasonably aware of such circumstance.

3. Commitment

The Investor shall be available for the Global Demo Day, or at least leave comments/feedbacks for registered Entrepreneurs for the event. The Investor shall inform INSEADERS and/or the Entrepreneur in advance, in writing in the event that he/she is not able to satisfy the agreed conditions.

4. Code of Conduct

A relationship developed or arising from the Investor Program is a unique partnership that requires the highest standards of frankness and openness. The Investor and the Entrepreneur shall therefore commit to the following Code of Conduct:

A. Communication among Global Demo Day participants should be based on mutual trust. All discussions and other communications will be conducted in the utmost spirit of good faith, integrity and ethics.

B. The Entrepreneur has the ability to be as open as he or she feels able to.

C. The productivity of the relationship is dependent on the quality of issues the Entrepreneur is willing to bring to the table, the Entrepreneur commits to provide an honest and holistic presentation of issues and to be forthcoming in discussions and answering questions. The Entrepreneur understands that the primary means of learning is from feedback provided by the Investor. The Entrepreneur trusts that the Investor is providing his or her opinions, observations and questions in the spirit of constructive critique and means no harm or insult.

D. The Investor shall provide frank feedback with no intent to insult, discourage, disparage or harm the Entrepreneur.

E. The Investor shall challenge the Entrepreneur to exceed his or her expectations and encourage him or her to grow personally and professionally.

5. Termination

Subject to the agreement, the Investors may be granted one-time access to Global Demo Day or registered entrepreneurs inside INSEADERS platform. Such access is granted by the sole discretion of INSEADERS. Permanent access to Global Demo Day and INSEADERS platform will be discussed between INSEADERS and interested Investors.
Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing the other with two weeks prior notice in writing.