INSEADERS Taking Part in Driving Entrepreneurial Energy in the Region

INSEADERS was delighted to celebrate the official launch of LEVEL3, a workspace that brings together start-ups and entrepreneurs to create a collaborative innovation community.
The event began with a welcome speech by Paul Poleman, CEO of Unilever, who stressed the importance of Unilever’s collaboration with start-ups, as the agility of start-ups is their magical power to drive corporate innovation.
We met with the founders of some start-ups that have already established themselves at LEVEL3, including Karim Aly, INSEAD 13’D founder of TaskSpotting. His technology provides brands with real-time feedback about customers on digital media.
During this launch, INSEAD Professor Sergei of Global Technology and Innovation shared insights from his research on innovative business models. We were excited to be a part of this vibrancy and could clearly feel the proliferation of the start-up ecosystem.

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