How Block Chain is Changing

Join us on Thursday April 6th, 6pm – 7pm for a Blockchain focused talk by 3 incredible speakers: by Csaba Robert Horvath Partner at Fusion Capital; Andras Kristof, CTO at Yojee; Antonio Usama DeLorenzo, VP at identitii. You will learn about Cryptocoins, KYC / KYT in engaging ways. Light snacks will be provided.


I. Talk by three Speakers

• Blockchain basics: what’s the tech and why is it exciting? –Andras Kristof /

• Use case – Know Your Trade (KYT): the 2.0 version of KYC across the economy, not just banks – by Antonio DeLorenzo/

• Use case – Digital accounting and taxation: how to reduce taxes for all, and still maintain state budgets – by Csaba Horvath

• Use case – Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s): the limitless potential of using ICOs as a financing option – by Andras Kristof

• Use case – Islamic finance: the confluence of old ethical principles and blockchain based smart contracts – by Antonio DeLorenzo

II. Mini workshop in groups of 3-4 and come up with innovative ideas the tech can be used

III. Closing networking with wine

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