Earth Overshoot Day (#pledgefortheplanet)

INSEADERS around the world, will we roll up our sleeves to take action?

Today, the world starts drawing on more resources than it can replenish for the year. We can think of the Earth as a bank account: depleting our salary (or annual budget for the year), and drawing on our savings.

Bring your remarkable influence to the #pledgefortheplanet campaign by choosing ONE thing you (or your business) will do to conserve and enhance the planet, and include the hashtag #INSEADERS when you upload a post of yourself on social media fulfilling this action.

We will have cool gifts for the winning submissions, and for those who take their action to the next level with a sustainable and scalable plan to make the Earth a greener and cleaner planet, we will consider your proposal for our global incubator/accelerator!

After all, we all know that without action, the world would still be an idea.

Join the global pledge:

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