Decision Boot Camp with Balazs Fogoly

On Saturday 10 December, the atmosphere at INSEADERS will be energised by Balazs Fogoly (MBA’06D) leading a decision-making workshop through poker games.

Poker, you ask? Well, contrary to popular perception, poker is not gambling. Rather, poker is about weighing your probabilities for the best popular outcome.

Balazs says: “To make better decisions, first we have to understand how decisions are
 made. And how we’re making
 them. Then we can learn to think in strategic, systemic, creative and critical ways. We need to understand the psychology of decision making, and learn how to be aware of our cognitive biases. We have to learn to optimise our approach to risk, and to better prepare for others’ unexpected decisions. We use poker for this.”

At this Decision Boot Camp, participants can expect to have an incredible time playing poker, as well as learning critical skills to apply to their professional decision-making toolbox.


This event was sold out in 48 hours! If you are interested in joining future sessions, simply ping Balazs Fogoly using the Instant Message on this INSEADERS platform.

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