Christmas drinks @INSEADERS

Join us for Christmas drinks with a global community of entrepreneurs and friends!

To celebrate our far-flung international roots, we are introducing wines around the world specially curated by Alexis Lhoyer (INSEAD MBA 13’D) for a wine-tasting session.

Get your limited edition ticket to spend a good-spirited evening in this entrepreneurial epicenter of Singapore. Your $15 ticket gives you access to the international wines and a great evening. You can book it here:

The event is open to all INSEADERS and members of the public who are pushing the boundaries of business.

Bring a little gift to place under the Christmas tree, and walk away with a special gift! All presents will be $10 or less. We look forward to the innovative ideas that you wrap, and unfold!

Feel at home in the World this Christmas at the INSEADERS Global Venture Booster!

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