Dear INSEAD Entrepreneurs & Investors,

Are you struggling to raise capital from investors? I know your frustration: you are a busy entrepreneur, the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Ma, with no time to call and meet numerous investors who are always telling you that your business model sucks. At best, they will tell you that they are willing to keep monitoring your development. At worst, they will spread your genius ideas with other angel investor friends, discussing hundreds of reasons why they should not invest in you.

Are you an investor passionate about investing in INSEAD entrepreneurs? I know you are frustrated as well: where the hell are these INSEAD entrepreneurs? True, some of your investor friends have introduced you to ad hoc deals, but you want more exciting deals and entrepreneurs that fit your needs and preferences.

Now, your dream has come true- come and join us! INSEADERS DEMO DAY is designed to serve the mutual needs of INSEAD entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs from the INSEAD community will send us a one-page proposal, full PPT, and a 3-minute video to explain their ideas and business development. The INSEADERS team, together with experienced mentors, will pick up strong cases to share with selected investors whom we believe are value-adding investors sharing our vision of “return to the INSEAD community”.

Appetite from our investor community is strong. Various INSEAD angel investor groups from Asia, Europe, Silicon Valley, and Japan are signing up for this event, together with other reputable VC/PE firms such as Rubicon Capital, etc.

Selected entrepreneurs will enjoy massive support from our mentors who are experienced VC investors and successful entrepreneurs. Mentors will help you refine your business and identify relevant advisors from over 1,300 INSEAD alumni on the INSEADERS platform. Your idea will then be shared with angel investors / VC / asset managers who are willing to support your growth and success.

Full-fledged registration will open in mid-May and the deadline is end-June. The Demo Day day (Online) is scheduled for July 2017. Any questions, please email

Author: Moogwi Kim (13’D MBA) is an experienced PE professional who co-manages INSEADERS VC. If you want to develop an Investment Platform for INSEAD Entrepreneurs as an active investor, simply drop a note to or login and send an instant message!

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