Breaking news: The INSEADERS app is now on iOS and Android!

Connecting with the breathtaking entrepreneurial reach of INSEADERS all around the world has never been more convenient with this dedicated platform and mobile app that harnesses the immense power of our entire network.
This new platform will allow you to:

Expand your influence, interest, and insider know-how
Interact with INSEADERS startups, get inspired by them, and collaborate with them
Ping venture capitalists directly to propel your chances of funding and growth
One by one, INSEADERS worldwide are combining forces using our in-house platform to take their vision and projects to greater heights. To date, we have almost 1,000 spectacular alumni on board.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, corporate leader, faculty, student, or simply a junkie of entrepreneurship, INSEADERS will put you right into the pulse of our active global network.

Are you in?

Take your pick:

INSEADERS for Android

(Note that you need a profile on the INSEADERS platform – – to use the app.)

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