Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards AUGUST 05 2016


Big brands are seeking your entrepreneurial brilliance to  with savvy young Millennials!

The Accenture Consumer Innovation Award specifically seeks business proposals that enhance customer experience and personalisation, increase sales revenue, improve product sourcing and delivery, and enable a more digital workforce.

You will have a chance to pitch your business to 30 hand selected judges (including brands, VCs and influencers) and receive personal feedback.

This opportunity is open for start-ups globally. Four winners will be announced at the ACIA awards ceremony on 8th September at the M2020 Summit.

This is a great opportunity to put yourself in front of an attentive audience! These are the 4 categories of interest:

  • Get ME in the Store Spending more
  • Give ME what I want, when and where I want it
  • Make ME love my brands, digitally and physically
  • Host ME, Serve ME and Take ME

Want to craft the future? Here’s the online application!

The deadline is 19 August 2016.

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