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INSEADERS brings together dispersed entrepreneurial communities, entrepreneurs, investors, advisers, and opportunities on one centralized platform for the world of INSEAD. We collaborate with on-campus student clubs such as IPEC, IEC etc as well as alumni entrepreneurship organization such as AEC, NAA etc and ICE to bring everything together, bridge gaps and create new opportunities.

Our Mission

INSEADERS provides a collaboration platform for INSEAD alumni from all degree programs (MBA, EMBA, Master of Finance, EMCCC) to increase successful INSEAD entrepreneurs.  We bring together entrepreneursadvisers, and investors from all INSEAD community under one umbrella.
As our representative activity, we regularly host Global Demo Day to spur investment, recruiting, and collaboration among alumni.
INSEADERS is in an official partnership with INSEAD and closely work with the school.  INSEADERS collaborates with ICE, EiR, and other entrepreneurship clubs of INSEAD community. INSEADER works together with ICE to introduce our alumni entrepreneurs .
For students coming right out of INSEAD and starting their journey we provide services like co-working space in Singapore, legal counselling and CTO on-demand service at the lowest possible rates.
Through our platform, we give alumni and entrepreneurs an opportunity platform to communicate and form new bonds be it as an adviser or entrepreneur.
We also host various events in our physical space at Block 71 in Singapore to give INSEADERS an opportunity to network connect with the players in the local Singapore startup eco-system.

What does this mean to you?


For Startups

If you are an INSEAD student or Alumni, pursuing or wanting to pursue your enterpreneurial journey, sign up with us and join our entourage

For Corporations

If you are a corporate and want to work with INSEAD startups or want to arrange corporate trainings or workshops using our advisers, please contact us.

For Investors

If you are an investor who wants to invest in INSEAD startups in various stages, please reach out to us and we will add you to our investor pool.

Our Team


Rani Saad

AMP 15

Co-dounder, relationship development with various stakeholders


Ullrich Silaba


Organization Culture and development


Warren Lee


Collaboration with various entrepreneurship opportunities in Singapore


Hunain Kapadia


Managing development team in Karachi and Ukraine


Moogwi Kim


Co-founder, Managing Global Demo Day, Investmentor / Adviser Programs


Aparna Thadani


Public Relations and publishing entrepreneur stories


Hannah Kim


Leading business operations and community engagement

We are anchored at Block 71 which is the heart of

Singapore’s tech start-up ecosystem.