Update on Global Demo Day- Pre-reading materials

On September 2nd, from 13:00 at Amphi 105, INSEAD Asia Campus, 10 short-listed entrepreneurs from 7 countries will pitch their ideas to ~50 investors/advisers, including VCs, accelerators, family offices, angel investors, and strategic investors. This is a collective due diligence session by a group of investors and advisers for our alumni entrepreneurs

For participating  guests, please make sure to access  our Investor Lounge, so that you can prepare yourself for the presentation. Presentation deck, Q&A,  and video presentations are all uploaded, to avoid general Q&A. Also, please leave your feedback and comments by using “Send Private Feedback” tub inside the system, so that our entrepreneurs benefit from interaction with you.

Our aim is to collectively support our alumni entrepreneurs. 
For the question time, please think of constructive feedback, suggestions, or support for the entrepreneur.


To access presentation deck and video presentations, please register yourself as investor here .

Qualified participants will be given access to the investor lounge.

Looking forward to having you on-board.
PS If you can not register yourself nor couldn’t access the investor lounge, please contact us at hello@inseaders.vc
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