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Global Start-up Ecosystem powered by INSEAD’s global network

INSEADERS is a global start-up ecosystem leveraging INSEAD’s global alumni network, enabling entrepreneurs, investors and corporates to propel their innovation forward from imagination to adoption.

When you come to INSEADERS, you will experience a thriving community of alumni, faculty, and students with expertise from every conceivable industry across 80 countries (and counting). Our community is vast and global. INSEADERS strives to connect movers-and-shakers from the 54,000-strong global alumni with the rest of the world through a richly connected ecosystem.

INSEADERS is a network of successful and impressive individuals, and our strength lies in working closely with external organizations to harness the global ecosystem for entrepreneurs. To this end, we provide an array of services that leverage on our extremely global network.

Support for Entrepreneurs

We support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Whether you need advice on infrastructural support such as legal, accounting and fundraising, or access to investors, markets and strategic partners, we will leverage the reach of our community to bridge these needs.

This journey begins during your MBA program, and as soon as you graduate and step out the INSEAD doors. You are welcome to establish your office at our venture booster. A wide range of experienced entrepreneurs and investors await you here to support your start-up journey.

Investment Management Service

Investors have one-stop access to diverse and interesting INSEAD ventures and opportunities from all over the world. We provide due diligence, evaluations, and monitoring of the companies. To connect investors with promising entrepreneurs, INSEADERS is organising a Demo Day for alumni ventures.

Corporate Partnership

Start-ups today can gain incredible traction from partnering with established corporations, and INSEADERS is focused on forging these institutional linkages. We identify promising start-ups that will augment your brand, make introductions, and then work closely with you and your team to insert this seed of innovation into the DNA of your corporate growth.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training

Transformation can be rocky while innovating a legacy business. It may involve building new structures and cultures. We help you reach out to talented hires who will be dedicated to the success of your innovation. They will develop a customised cutting-edge training program for your employees to take the path forward.

Recruiting & Consultants

People are the heart and soul of every company. When you are looking for an intelligent cast of people to augment your workforce, or simply need a consultant to boost your thinking to the next level of strategy, come to INSEADERS. We provide access to high-calibre alumni all over the world, and can tap on a wide range of professional and local expertise for consultants.

Incubation Centers next to Campus

Our ecosystem is at once physical and digital. Even though the world is rapidly moving to the cloud, we believe in the power of the personal connection: the familiar face, the unexpected conversation, the friendly handshake. For this reason, we have launched permanent “boosters” in Singapore and Fontainebleau (cities that are home to the INSEAD campus). We are anchored at Block 71 which is the heart of Singapore’s tech start-up ecosystem, while in Fontainebleau we are nested in the historic Aigle Noir Hotel. All registered members of INSEADERS are welcome to swing by to get together, work, host events, and catch up with the talented community.

Digital Platform connecting alumni across the world

These physical nodes are powered by the INSEADERS digital platform. To-date, over 1,200 alumni, students and faculty are connected online. We have designed our portal to bring visibility to each and every member, facilitate connections, and enable the rapid flow of resources across continents and markets. Startups and stakeholders can easily find one another, chat fast, and exchange ripe opportunities, especially with the mobile application that gives real-time updates.

INSEAD is the #1 business university in the world (ranked by The Financial Times) and our close integration with the campus community helps to propel graduates further into the world.

To take advantage of this action—whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or corporate player—you can take your first step by being visible on www.INSEADERS.vc. You will immediately get a personal webpage and have the opportunity to chat directly with the vibrant INSEADERS community.